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The benefits of mailbox rental and services at PostalMax Scottsdale AirPark:

A Real Street Address, not a P.O. Box
A street address can provide a professional image for your business.

Secure Mail with PostalMax
Your mail and packages stay-safe and confidential.

Anonymity & Privacy
Your information is safe with us

Full-Service Mail and Package Receiving
We accept packages from all carriers, so you’ll never miss a delivery.

Parcel Receiving
We will, on your behalf, accept all packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and any other carrier that may deliver to you. Package deliveries exceeding 15 per month are assessed at $1 per package handling charge for each additional package. Large shipments not picked up by the day following delivery will be charged a storage fee.

Package notification
We’ll let you know when your packages arrive.

Mail Holding and Forwarding
We’ll hold your packages in a secure location for pick-up at your convenience or forward them to you, wherever you are.

Call-In to Check your Mail and Parcels
Save time. Save a trip. Call us to find out if you have mail.

Permanent Address
Do you move frequently? Tired of your mail “chasing” you? Problem solved.

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Keeping Your Home Address Private

Private Mail Box Rental in Scottsdale, AZ. 85260

PostalMax of Scottsdale Mailbox rentals.

by: Michael Castillo

In the growing Internet world, there are many home based businesses and consumers selling merchandise on the web. You may be selling your items on E-Bay, Yahoo, or on your own business website, but what ever the case may be there are some decisions you need to make.

One of these important business decisions you will need to make is should you use your home address as your receiving address. You need to take in to consideration the safety and security of your residential address, the safety of receiving inventory at your home, and the professional image your business needs to maintain.

Incidents of mail theft from home mail boxes and USPS collection boxes continue to rise. Some thefts include the removal of entire collection boxes. Identity thieves harvest personal information from credit card bills and other mail, costing Americans millions of dollars in lost time and actual monetary losses. You can help prevent identity fraud by keeping your home address private.

You do have another option, a Private Mail Box (PMB). PMB’s are available at authorized Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies (CMRA), such as PostalMax of Scottsdale Airpark. The PMB address will be an actual street address, versus a PO Box address. The advantages of a PMB address are as follows:

  • You can get packages and shipments from FedEx, UPS, and US Mail delivered to a PMB address. PO Boxes can not accept FedEx or UPS packages.
  • Your packages will not be left unattended on your porch, there is always someone to sign for your package at a PMB, and held for you in a safe, secure setting.
  • There is no need to stand in long lines at the Post Office waiting to get your packages or mail.
  • The receptacles are monitored to avoid theft and missing mail.
  • This is a great way for company’s to collect job applications, without divulging your company name.
  • PMB’s can forward mail to out of town business travelers, all you need to do is contact the PMB and let them know where to forward your mail or packages on a regular basis, domestic and internationally.
  • A PMB address develops more of a professional image than your home street address. This builds credibility with customers and contributes to your own professional self-image.
  • Your mail is private, only you have the key, and in cases where you forget your key, with proper ID, you can still receive your mail from the PMB agent.
  • You can make a small home based business grow and expand into different cities with little cost to you.

Who uses alternate addresses?

Internet shoppers and sellers, frequent travelers, including sales representatives for businesses, home-based businesses, personal ad respondents, divorcees, etc.

Why should I use an authorized Commercial Mail Receiving Agency?

If your mail receiving company is not authorized by the U.S. Postal Service and does not conform to their policies and regulations, your mail may be held or returned to the sender by the Post Office.

How do I know my mail privacy will be secure?

We are an authorized CMRA and have been for years. The U.S. Post Office closely monitors mail-receiving agents to make sure there is the same level of mail privacy as there is in the U.S. Post Office itself. The fines and inevitable prison terms associated with mail tampering assure you that your mail will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Experienced professionals handle your mail in a private and secure fashion. (Insert MPC name here) is a private business and is not affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service in any way. Therefore, your privacy is protected and enforced under strict mail privacy laws.


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